Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Welcome to Counting With Love

Welcome to our blog page. My name is Krista. I live here in Ada, Oklahoma for four years now. I am originally from Anadarko Oklahoma. The reason I came to Ada is because I married Scott or as everyone calls him Scotty.

I operate Counting With Love from my home. I do custom cross stitch and I am starting to create my 0wn patterns as well. I learned to cross stitch 17 years ago. I have been doing it seriously for almost a year now. Around April one of my friends decided to be a part of Counting With Love and her name is Penny. Her talent is crocheting. She does a beautiful job! She does custom crocheting as well. We just opened a store on here is our link; We will be putting our adventures and news updates on here. I hope everyone enjoys!

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