Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our little business

Well it has been a few days since I have posted a blog. My goal was to post one everyday, and that is still my goal. This week has not been a very good week so far. Counting With Love is a baby business. I had the idea for several years but I did not have the money to invest in a lot of merchandise to start it. If you have read my other blogs you know how I got the inventory that I have. This past week I was told that people would not by completed cross stitch work. That was a blow to my gut. I love cross stitch and I know people view it as a hobby. Have you really stopped and looked at a good piece of cross stitch. It is amazing! I am taking a piece of thread and turning it into an art piece. So am I going to give up? NO! I love what I do and I can cross stitch on just about anything. So over the weekend and this week I have been brainstorming and I have some things down in my idea book. I am excited about these new items that I will be launching. We will have some ready for the craft show later this month and we will have some ready in about a week to put on etsy. My business was a gift and I will not throw it away.