Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our little business

Well it has been a few days since I have posted a blog. My goal was to post one everyday, and that is still my goal. This week has not been a very good week so far. Counting With Love is a baby business. I had the idea for several years but I did not have the money to invest in a lot of merchandise to start it. If you have read my other blogs you know how I got the inventory that I have. This past week I was told that people would not by completed cross stitch work. That was a blow to my gut. I love cross stitch and I know people view it as a hobby. Have you really stopped and looked at a good piece of cross stitch. It is amazing! I am taking a piece of thread and turning it into an art piece. So am I going to give up? NO! I love what I do and I can cross stitch on just about anything. So over the weekend and this week I have been brainstorming and I have some things down in my idea book. I am excited about these new items that I will be launching. We will have some ready for the craft show later this month and we will have some ready in about a week to put on etsy. My business was a gift and I will not throw it away.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

So Confused

I love etsy, it is truly a blessing for Penny and I. In our business I am the technical one because I don't have kids and it is easier for me to do the computer work. Well part of my computer work is the forums on etsy. Last night was kind of boring on there and that is fine we can't have an exciting night all the time. Tonight was a different story, I am so confused from some of the forums. It was about typing in all caps and using the exclamation points to much. Now I will admit I do use the ! a lot, but I am not yelling, I am just making a point. That is how I was taught in school, when you want make a point use the !. Now if I am yelling I do !!!!!!!!! a lot. But I see nothing wrong with it. I do think that when we are making our announcements in our shops, if we have more then one thing in the announcements, that it is okay to use all caps to get the attention of your customers. If I have offended anyone by doing that I am sorry. I am very professional. I treat people with respect and I communicate with my customers. I know that sometimes my grammar is not very good, but I am human and we all make mistakes.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Work Station

Last night was a late night for me, and no I was not doing anything really productive. I should have been resting is what I should have been doing, but I was reading and laughing at a thread on Those girls were cracking me up about their workstations. The thread was about how clean is your workstation, well mine looks like Hobby Lobby got sick in my office. I literally have a path to my main closet to get my stuff out. I know that is embarrassing. I was blushing just thinking about it. So when will I get it cleaned probably later in June lol. On girl wanted us to take pics of our offices, I am not brave enough lol. Many that did take pics was very nice work stations. I really enjoyed that thread last night. So how clean is your work station?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sick and Working

Well, I am still sick and it is getting worse. No can't go to the doctor, because you have to have insurance. I have started zicam, so pray for my taste buds. The last time I took this stuff it made my taste buds all crazy. I am very excited for Penny. She has made her very first sale in our shop.! I am so proud of her. She is a very hard working grandma. We have planned for us to have work days at her house because of her grandkids, I will help her watch them while she worked. We didn't get to start it this week because I got sick. Blah! We have a show to go to at the end of June!!!! On a different note, I was able to lower the shipping cost on some of our items. I am excited about that as well. I will try to get more stuff on there today, but right now I am running a fever, so we will see.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Peach Festival in Stratford Oklahoma

Well, Penny and I are going to another craft show on June 27. We will be going to the Peach Festival in Stratford. I can not wait, if anyone has had a peach from there they will think they are in heaven!! I had my first peach from there last summer and I have already told Penny she better tie me to our booth! They are soo good. It is not to late to enter if anyone is interested in getting a booth. This will be our official craft show. We went to an arts festival in April but it was interesting. This was the first year for this arts festival and the lady that was putting it together had way to much on her plate. It was a good way to get our feet wet. We had a blast taking pictures on our way back from the art festival. I will post our pictures on here. They are funny and pretty.

Welcome to Counting With Love

Welcome to our blog page. My name is Krista. I live here in Ada, Oklahoma for four years now. I am originally from Anadarko Oklahoma. The reason I came to Ada is because I married Scott or as everyone calls him Scotty.

I operate Counting With Love from my home. I do custom cross stitch and I am starting to create my 0wn patterns as well. I learned to cross stitch 17 years ago. I have been doing it seriously for almost a year now. Around April one of my friends decided to be a part of Counting With Love and her name is Penny. Her talent is crocheting. She does a beautiful job! She does custom crocheting as well. We just opened a store on here is our link; We will be putting our adventures and news updates on here. I hope everyone enjoys!