Saturday, May 30, 2009

So Confused

I love etsy, it is truly a blessing for Penny and I. In our business I am the technical one because I don't have kids and it is easier for me to do the computer work. Well part of my computer work is the forums on etsy. Last night was kind of boring on there and that is fine we can't have an exciting night all the time. Tonight was a different story, I am so confused from some of the forums. It was about typing in all caps and using the exclamation points to much. Now I will admit I do use the ! a lot, but I am not yelling, I am just making a point. That is how I was taught in school, when you want make a point use the !. Now if I am yelling I do !!!!!!!!! a lot. But I see nothing wrong with it. I do think that when we are making our announcements in our shops, if we have more then one thing in the announcements, that it is okay to use all caps to get the attention of your customers. If I have offended anyone by doing that I am sorry. I am very professional. I treat people with respect and I communicate with my customers. I know that sometimes my grammar is not very good, but I am human and we all make mistakes.

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